Friday, April 1, 2016

Affiliate Window Fashion Focus 2016

Last Thursday evening, we were invited along to the annual Affiliate Window Fashion Focus event. It was held in the beautiful RSA building, and we had a really great night.
It was incredibly inspiring to hear the keynote speech from Glamour Editor, Jo Elvin. She gave us a really great insight into her thoughts on all of February’s Fashion Week shows and informed us the trends we should be watching out for in 2016.
The rest of the evening was dedicated to networking with some of the brands that have accounts on Affiliate Window. What we particularly enjoyed about the set-up of this event though, was how the start-ups and small companies were the ones who got to walk around and introduce themselves to those they were most interested in working with. Having been to quite a few events in our time, we are used to being the ones at a stand whilst people circulate and pop by when they have a moment. On this evening though we got to be the ones working the room which was a nice refreshing change.
Overall, the event was very useful and interesting to experience. We can’t wait to be a part of the fun again next year!