Friday, May 20, 2016


This week we were fortunate enough to attended the Decoded Fashion London Summit. Across the two day event we sat in on some really great discussions and talking points from various inspiring people within the fashion industry.
The event itself is designed to bring together the biggest, most innovative and most disruptive fashion, retail and technology companies. It’s a way for each of them to connect, network and discover more about each other’s services whilst also getting the opportunity to hear from world-class fashion, retail and tech mentors and speakers. We were very thankful to be given access to the event as we found it to be an incredibly valuable experience, in particular the discussions surrounding personalisation of content, the influence of social media in fashion, as well as the future of luxury commerce.
However, one panel that really stuck in our minds was around ‘Relevancy & Personalisation: Standing Out From The Crowd’, in which someone stated that 87% of consumers will pay up to 30% more for a personalised experience. We can absolutely believe this number, and as we are increasingly focused on personalising the online retail experience for the consumer through video, we hope we can begin to satisfy that 87%.
Overall, the event was really insightful and we already can’t wait for the Decoded London Summit 2017!

Friday, May 13, 2016


This week we were featured in Tech World’s Top 12 UK Marketing and Advertising start ups. It’s great to be mentioned in an article such as this, and it addresses the terms ‘MarTech’ and ‘AdTech’, which we weren’t too familiar with before. It seems as though the terms can even be combined to make up the even more interesting term; ‘MadTech’.
In the article, they claim that the US is dominating in terms of acquiring deals in the martech/adtech sector. But they then address the fact that the UK and Europe are catching up because technology is proving to have a real market fit, and can solves problems to make marketers lives easier.
They consider Smartzer as one of the companies helping marketing teams to improve productivity and the overall reach of their marketing campaigns. Thanks for the mention Tech World, we’re very flattered you recognise our technology as a helpful MarTech solution.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Smartzer in the press

Are you up to date with all of our mentions in press recently? In this week’s blog post, we’ll be recapping some of the most recent articles we have featured in, because sometimes it’s good to step back and appreciate the support we’ve been getting.
DTG - from whom we won Gold at the IBC Final of the their Innovation Awards in 2015 - mentioned our “continued success” and work with M&S and Joshua Kane after both had just gone live. Due to this, we were named one of their Top 5 companies at “the forefront of business innovation”. It’s great to be continually supported by a team that crowned us winners at their summit last year.
Our good friends at Styla featured us in a report on ‘11 Brilliant Examples of Shoppable Content’. They explored the benefits of making content shoppable and focused on our work with Puma which featured on the JD website last summer. This work was really successful as we saw a conversion rate just shy of 7%, earning a 24 times higher earning per click than average in the ecommerce industry.
We’ve also very recently been featured on the start ups website in the ‘101 British tech start ups that caught our eye’. We appear under the Retail category amongst 8 others. It’s rewarding to be acknowledged in any features that focus on the future of technology, and in particular the future of retail and ecommerce. With the tagline of the article being “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”, we will happily accept the suggestion that we are contributing to inventing the future.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Re:Publica TEN

Next week we will be attending the Re:Publica TEN Conference in Berlin. We’re very excited to be invited along to showcase the Smartzer tech and meet some of the great people on the line up.
The Re:Publica TEN is considered one of the most important events on the subject of digital society. It’s a great opportunity for companies working within the digital innovation space, to come together and discuss the work they are doing, whilst also engaging in conversation about the future of this digital society we now all live in.
We will be taking part in ‘The Future of E-commerce’ discussion and we’re really looking forward to it. It would be great to see some of you there, so if you’ll be attending, you can tweet @smartzer and let us know, as well as keep up with us during the event.
You can find out more about the event HERE.

Friday, April 22, 2016


We are really pleased to let you all know about our newest collaboration, and this time around we have worked with retail giants, QVC.
They have used our technology to enhance their ‘Weekend Style’ video, and to try and engage their audience through new means. All of the products are live on the website and available to shop directly from the pop-up. Viewers can even shop the entire look if they wish, as we have included all of the products in the look within the customised QVC pop-up. This makes it even easier for their customers to get the products, or possibly even the entire outfit, that they want.
We are so pleased with how this has turned out, and we think it looks really great placed on the Fashion section of their website. We hope the QVC customers love it too, and take this opportunity to make their shopping experience quicker and easier. You can check out the video for yourself HERE.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Millennial 20/20 Summit 2016

This week we attended the Retail day of the Millennial 20/20 Summit in Central London. The two day event is a very jam packed affair, with talks and keynote speeches being held from 9am until the very end of each day. It aims to generate debate and begin discussions on the issues surrounding the business of Next Gen commerce. The summit offers the opportunity to showcase new ideas and skills as well as the chance to network with others and educate them on what your company does.
We were showcasing our tech at the Unilever Foundry Start-up Street on the ‘Future of Media’ table. We also got to attend some of the talks that were taking place throughout the day and found them to be interesting topics from industry leading experts. We always love to hear ideas from those paving the way for innovation and making big steps in the tech world. In particular we found the real-time retail and emergence of mobile commerce discussions to be interesting panels for us, as we are concerned with both of those topics, and the issues that they explored on stage were very relevant to our own interests as a company.
Thank you to Unilever for selecting us to take part.

Friday, April 8, 2016

We made the Shortlist for Decoded Fashion Futures Awards 2016!

We received some really exciting news this week, when we found out that we’ve been shortlisted in not just one, but two categories at this year's Decoded Fashion Futures Awards. We also had this honour last year and although we came away empty handed, we were so pleased to be a part of the event for our work with Whistles, and in addition, we got to have a really fantastic night.
We feature in both the ‘Beyond The Runway’ category for the interactive runway show video we worked on with Joshua Kane, and ‘The Game Changer’ category. We are placed alongside some really great fashion brands and tech companies so it’s extremely flattering to be up against them for these awards. Considering we pride ourselves on our innovative tech and are always pushing for change in the digital space, we would absolutely love to be recognised in either (or both) of these categories.
We really hope this year is more lucky for us, and we will of course keep you posted on how the night pans out in May. You can find out more about the awards and see who else has been shortlisted HERE.