Friday, May 13, 2016


This week we were featured in Tech World’s Top 12 UK Marketing and Advertising start ups. It’s great to be mentioned in an article such as this, and it addresses the terms ‘MarTech’ and ‘AdTech’, which we weren’t too familiar with before. It seems as though the terms can even be combined to make up the even more interesting term; ‘MadTech’.
In the article, they claim that the US is dominating in terms of acquiring deals in the martech/adtech sector. But they then address the fact that the UK and Europe are catching up because technology is proving to have a real market fit, and can solves problems to make marketers lives easier.
They consider Smartzer as one of the companies helping marketing teams to improve productivity and the overall reach of their marketing campaigns. Thanks for the mention Tech World, we’re very flattered you recognise our technology as a helpful MarTech solution.