Thursday, March 24, 2016

Digital Catapult & IoT Retail Pit Stop

If you’ve read our previous blog posts, or been following what we’ve been up to recently, you will have seen that we gained a place on the Digital Catapult Scaleup Boost Programme a few months ago.
Well, last week we went and took part in the Digital Catapult and IoTUK Retail Pit Stop in their Brighton office. It was an opportunity to meet other small businesses as well as small retailers and industry experts to discuss the future of retail, and what we are all doing to improve the retail experience for every customer, both online and on the high street.
After some interesting talks about the way the future looks for retail, and some opportunities to network, we also took part in some really thought provoking workshops. It was a very interesting experience, and really made us think about what we, as a company, can offer customers and retail in general. Hearing ideas from others on how they felt retail would be shaped across the next 3, 5 and 10 years, certainly gave us food for thought.
One major point we kept coming back to throughout the day was the use of the term “omni-channel”. It divided opinion and there were some who can’t wait to see the back of this phrase. All we know is, that if we do eventually reach a point in which there is no “omni-channel”, and all shopping whether online or in store is considered retail, we want to still be a part of it and make the experience more immersive and personal. We still believe that is the way customers will grow and want to shop, and we can give them that capability.