Friday, December 18, 2015

A 2015 RECAP

This year has really flown by, and it’s been our biggest one to date! We’re incredibly pleased with what we’ve achieved over this past 12 months, and we’re lucky enough to say we’ve worked with some huge clients - Barbour, Marks & Spencer, GraziaShop, Puma to name a few.
As the lines are being consistently crossed between fashion/retail and tech we are predicting even bigger things occurring in 2016. The fact that large companies like ‘Burberry’ used SnapChat to release images from their S/S 2016 fashion campaign is a fantastic, current and clever marketing strategy, and speaks volumes for the ever-growing world of fash/tech.
The example of ‘Burberry’ is an obvious one. They have been quite possibly the most accepting of technology as a means to enhance their brand and keep it fresh, modern and exciting for the consumer. But even shoppable images have become more mainstream since a year ago. They’ve existed since before 2015, but now they’re popping up on numerous retailer websites such as ‘Topshop’ and ‘Not on the high street’.
Besides the growing acceptance of technology as a new marketing strategy, we also see the obtainment of data being key within the coming year. In an article on the Business Insider website, they discussed Michael Dell’s thoughts on this in which he said “If you look at companies today, most of them are not very good at using the data they have to make better decisions in real time.” We agree that data is incredibly important, and will only become more so. We are interested to see how this topic develops in 2016, and what information it will provide.
That will be all from us for 2015, but we’ve had a fantastic year at Smartzer. We hope the New Year brings many more successes.
(you can find the Business Insider article we mentioned HERE)