Thursday, March 10, 2016

Data driven video players

Smartzer’s goal has always been to make the consumer journey to purchase far simpler and maximise ROI on video spending by enabling sales directly from the video player we provide. We are also truly beginning to see the very real benefits of analytical data, not only for ourselves but also for the retailers we work with. We can use analytics as a feedback loop to optimise the video and player content to achieve the best results.
Peter Williams - Head of Enterprise Analytics for Marks and Spencer - spoke of the benefits that they found from the data we collected after two of their videos used our player. It’s worth noting that they continued to work with us, on a third which is still live on their website.
“Shopping through video is a concept M&S has been excited to try as it provides more opportunities for customers to engage and shop digitally. The insight given by the analytics of viewer journeys is fascinating. An aggregation of data on videos that are paused, rewound or skipped and the elements of the on-screen production that were interacted with gives insight that could be used to produce more engaging videos but could also inform in store or online merchandising. The analytics possibilities give a new lens on the customer journey.”
The analytics that we capture and the information we gather, contribute to our original goal of making the consumer journey to purchase the most efficient it can be. By taking a look at what the results from each of our videos show, we can observe consumer behaviours, detect what products spark interest and even see at which point people click most or least on the video. All of this data adds to the overall experience we aim to provide the consumer, as we can adapt the player based on these points. In a tech savvy world where data is undeniably important, we want to harness the level of data we can get and use it to improve our own product, and in turn improve the retailer’s sales through video.
You can view the video we most recently worked on with M&S HERE.