Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The growth of Smartzer

We thought we should give you a little bit of insight on why we have had a website makeover, and how Smartzer has grown since the last website update went live, in Summer 2014.
Since our work with The OUTNET at London Fashion Weekend in September 2014, we have grown so much as a business and the direction in which we want to take our innovative technology has changed. We still work with brands on making their videos interactive with the ultimate aim being to generate more sales. This is at the core of Smartzer and as we believe the future of e-commerce will rely on instantly shoppable content, we won’t stray away from providing this service.
However, in terms of growth for the business and advancements in what we offer brands, we saw the video tagging as one part of a bigger service we could be implementing. Working with Whistles on their S/S 2015 wishlist video, we didn’t only provide them with relevant data about their customers, we also helped them with their demand planning for the S/S season. From the wishlist video - that went live on their website within a few hours of being recorded - we could see the most popular products that were being added to customer wishlists and which products were receiving the most interest overall.
This was a turning point for us as a business. We were very excited to take our resources to more brands and show them not just how we can help them boost conversion, but also give them the tools to help them understand their customers better, all through shoppable video.
As e-commerce continues to grow and more strides are made to make shopping easier, faster, quicker and more immersive for the customer, we believe the additional tools we can provide will keep us fresh and undeniably helpful for brands. We know that making a video interactive and then seeing how many people watch it is not enough. The more that a brand can gauge from our analytics and data, the more they can learn and understand about what their customers want to shop, and how their customers actually do shop.
We essentially provide brands the tools to allow their customers shop more easily, which in turn makes the customer happier, which leads to sales and customer data for the brand. It’s the future of retail tech.