Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Smartzer has collaborated with the effortlessly stylish WHISTLES to promote their Spring/Summer 2015 runway collection. Soon after the collection was showcased on the catwalk Smartzer technology was applied to the recorded video, enabling eagle-eyed consumers to create a Wishlist of covetable WHISTLES pieces, long before they were available to purchase, and e-mail it to themselves. This gave the WHISTLES team a key insight in to how the collection was being received, and adjust orders accordingly to match demand. Once the collection was available to buy online, not only did those who had created Wishlists receive timely e-mails notifying them of their chosen items’ availability, but Smartzer has converted the video so that it is shoppable: Now if a consumer clicks on an item that catches their eye, a ‘Buy Now’ pop-up appears, which will re-direct them to that item’s page on the WHISTLES site, reducing the steps that consumers need to take between seeing something they want and purchasing it. The video is now available to shop on the WHISTLES website.